"Keep close to Nature's heart... and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean. None of Nature's landscapes are ugly so long as they are wild..."

Site Coordination Team

Camp coordinator is to help you get familiar with the 10 acres of Teakwood Forest Resort as well as help you to co-ordinate various activities available at the site. He will ensure that you have a comfortable stay in the forest and are safe and secured during the stay. Whether you are trying an extreme adventure or ensuring timely food arrangements , our camp coordinator will be taking care you while you stay with us. Our camp coordinators are trained by our own expert with over 2 decades of experience in camping and outdoor living. They go through the safety course and are well versed to procure local resources as needed.

Customer Care Team

Our customer coordinators are highly experienced in designing and customizing packages based on the needs of our customers. They interact, create, design and ensure that we provide customized packages for best possible experience to our customers. They work closely with our customers in designing a group package or individual package. They understand that a need for a school picnic is far different than that of corporate team building event. They are experts in designing packages for a day picnic right from a casual outing of friends, to managing a full day events for family get-together. They will ensure that you get a package that you would enjoy the most.

Facility Design Team

Everyone at Teakwood believes in improvisation. The improvements are based on the inputs from our esteemed customers as well as our facility designers. Every time, you revisit Teakwood Forest Resort, you will find few refinements and additions. The growth and development of Teakwood is organic. The facility is designed and improved by maintaing the balance with nature. We understand and we try to bring people close to nature. Our facility designers are the key people behind the infrastructure refinements. Send in your valuable suggestions to Design Suggesions and we will be happy to implement.

Event Partner Team

To maintain a balance between people and nature, it is imperative that our guests experience the wilderness in it's real natural self. Many events have been conducted at Teakwood by joining hands with organizations that share the similar philosophy.
In recent times, we have joined hands with organizations as their infrastructure partner.
Free Runner Charitable Trust had conducted a marathon event at Teakwood where over 100 participants celebrated health & fitness by staying together overnight followed by a run.
Naaz Yoga Studio routinely conducts multi day spiritual yoga camps in the pristene surrounding of Teakwood where there is no air, sound or water pollution. It provides absolute peace ideal for practising yoga and pranayam sessions
Innovera School, Loni conducts life skill camps for kids at Teakwood where basic discipline and personality development of kids aged 8 to 14 is enhanced
BATT Power Company, Pune conducts their corporate training and annual distributor's meet at Teakwood
These are just a few of our partner companies who saw value in partnering with us.
So, if you are looking for a infrastructure partner to host your events, let us understand your needs. Call us to know about our Partner Program at 9881301029

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